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September 22-24, 2017

15th Annual KORUS Festival

Sully Historic Site (3650 Historic Sully Way, Chantilly, VA 20151)

The KORUS Festival, one of Greater Washington DC’s premier community events. A celebration of the Korean American way of life, Korean heritage & culture, and the beauty of America’s diversity. The event features modern and traditional music and cultural performances, demonstrations, Korean cuisine, and much more.

The 2017 KORUS Festival is positioned to be an even greater success through its partnership with Sully Historic Site, more commonly known as Sully Plantation, is both a Virginia landmark and nationally registered historic place in Chantilly, Virginia.

KORUS Parking Directions (check map)

1) Enter through the park’s main gate and follow the purple arrows on the map.
2) Make a right into the grassy road with trees on either side.
3) Make your way down the grassy road.
4) Turn right and enter Parking Lot A.
5) If Lot A is full, use Parking Lot B north of the map.

* KORUS festival participants may NOT use the Visitor Center lot.
* Please follow the road signs and parking crew directions on site.

Download Public Parking

With close to 30,000 visitors and participation from over 50 vendors, retailers, and community groups; 20 performance artists; and more than 100 volunteers, the festival truly represents the Korean American community nationwide





The KORUS Festival is organized by the Korean American Association of Washington Metropolitan Area (KAAW), a non-profit 501(c) organization.